Sound Proof Cabin

Sound Proof Cabins can be supplied as portable cabins or a fixed cabin. The portable cabins will be supplied with base floor and the cabin shall rest on 4 no. leg supports. The standard dimension will be

2000 Width X 2000 Length X 2300 Height
2000 Width X 2500 Length X 2000 Height

Other sizes can also be supplied. The portable cabins will have provisions for ventilation either with ventilation blower or with an air conditioner or a provision for cooling based on chilled water-cooling ducts.

The cabin will have glass windows on three sides enabling the operator to maintain close monitoring of the plant. These cabins can be readily installed in turbine halls, blower halls, process plants etc. Large custom-built soundproof cabin can be constructed at site as per customer specification. Generally these cabins are designed to maintain a noise level of 65-70 dBA inside the cabin. Higher attenuation will be offered based on customer requirement.



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