Scope - fabrication & supply of industrial silencers.



Silencer can be rectangular or cylindrical in construction. The circular silencer is made of concentric annular acoustic cylinder enclosed in a robust steel casing with transition cone or dished end at both ends with inlet and outlet nozzles., whereas a rectangular silencer is made of rectangular casing with acoustic baffles inserted. In vent silencer and blow of silencer application weather cowl and bird screen is provided at the outlet of the silencer.

Silencer splitter is a multilayer construction having perforated sheet packed with insulating Material, which is covered by protective wire mesh and glass cloth.

Either steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel is provided for internals based on the customer's choice.


Fabrication are done as per IS standard as well as ASME standard.


imageSteam Vent Silencers-Tyco Sanmar,Viralimali
imageWarm-up Vent Silencer-NSL KSL Sugars
imageNitrogen Comp. Discharge Silencer-Bhushan Steel

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